Chiknaishop is a cornerstone of Bangladesh’s thriving e-commerce sector.

With a diverse range of product offerings, a committed 2-hour home delivery service, cashless payment facilities, 8 favourable delivery slots, send products as a gift option, dedicated 365 days’ call centre operations and the best support from delivery partners, Chiknaishop has capitalized on the coronavirus pandemic by prioritizing customer needs and assuring the indisputable quality of service.

Chiknaishop has some collection of books, electronics, home appliances, fashion accessories and a lot more.

Time is a finite and invaluable resource. Our goal with Chiknaishop is to help save our customers’ time and effort by providing a thoroughly streamlined digital shopping experience. We achieve that with the help of our enhanced e-commerce compatible website interface. We aim to make the user experience as effortless and simplified as possible by driving business awareness in order to uncover untapped consumer pain points through analytics, data and insights as part of our Omni Channel Strategy.